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Join MIS

You must be considered an Alabama municipal entity to be eligible to apply for this service. To apply to join MIS you will need to complete and mail in signed copies of:

  1. MIS Memorandum of Understanding & Agreement
  2. MIS Participation Form
  3. MIS Direct Deposit Authorization Form with an attached “VOIDED” check

These documents can be found in the Documents section of this website and should be mailed to:

Municipal Intercept Services LLC
P.O. Box 1270
Montgomery, AL 36102

Once your application has been received and if it is approved, you will be contacted with your login credentials for the MIS system and you can immediately start using the system. That contact will be in the form of a phone call with your unique Username and a temporary password. For security reasons, you should then log in and change that temporary password as soon as possible.