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What others are saying about Municipal Intercept Services:

The City of Brundidge has been overwhelming pleased with Municipal Intercept Services.  MIS provides, at no cost to the City, a convenient and easy way to recover debt owed to the City.  Once the debt is setup, MIS and ADOR takes over and collects the debt for you.  In a short time MIS has collected several thousand dollars for our City and this amount continues to go up.  Please take the time to go to a training seminar.  It will be time well spent.  Visit the MIS website at and sign up today.  The staff will provide you with all you need to know to get started and is always there for you should you have any questions.

- Linda Faust, City of Brundidge

The City of Southside has been very pleased with the significant number of past due accounts collected from MIS.  The program is simple and easy!!! Being able to view the progress of all accounts and downloading reports is very helpful.  I highly recommend MIS as a partner in your collection efforts.

- Wally Burns, Mayor, City of Southside

North Baldwin Utilities (NBU) has participated in the Municipal Intercept Services (MIS) program since its inception in the Fall of 2015. We have been extremely satisfied with the collection of outstanding debt through the program. We use the MIS program to collect our delinquent utility billings and any unpaid return checks..... The MIS system is extremely user friendly and... the staff are always available to answer any questions....... We would highly recommend the use of this service to any municipality or commission that has exhausted their collections efforts.

- Jason Padgett, General Manager & Tracy Rogers, Finance Manager NBU